Corporate Events & Team Building

4x4 Team Building events

Teams of 3 has to complete several exciting and fun exercises in a 4x4 vehicle that challenges their ability and beliefs. The consumption of alcohol or mind-altering drugs are prohibited during the course of the day.

4x4 Obstacle Course:
This exercise is also suitable as a year end function
Introduction to safety, vehicle capabilities and driving a 4x4
Each team has to complete 5 obstacles (drivers alternate)
Obstacles interspersed with brain teaser exercises

Introduction to safety, vehicle capabilities and driving a 4x4
Teams travel with 4x4 vehicles into remote wilderness areas where they overcome obstacles and learn to work as a group

Corporate year end functions
The group is transported via bus to a nearby outdoor adventure destinations where they participate in an educational exercise, such as a guided walk or snake handling experience. This is followed by a traditional South African "braai" and year end awards, before returning via bus to the starting point.

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